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Natural shoes for natural feet

If there is one thing that I learned since having my baby girl, is that quality comes before design, and if there is a chance of having both, then you can consider yourself a lucky person.

∞ Love what you buy - Take care of what you have ∞

When Lara started to walk, I looked everywhere for the perfect shoes for her, and after a couple of weeks I came across this brand that we now proudly represent in Romania, Angulus.


Why we love Angulus?

ANGULUS was founded in 1904 in Copenhagen, Denmark and has since then creates long lasting and sustainable shoes. The remnants from production are recirculated and reused.

ANGULUS uses certified OEKO-TEX® lambswool inside of warm lined boots. Leather linings in children’s shoes are vegetable tanned and the glue is water based.

ANGULUS runs its own design studio north of Copenhagen and the shoes themselves are handmade by Portuguese artisan shoemakers with a long heritage.

ANGULUS explores new ways of working. In 2020 Angulus Pinatex® will be introduced – vegan shoes made of pineapple fibers. Angulus also takes part in a groundbreaking project with the Danish Technological Institute developing glue based on wild clams.

ANGULUS is produced in one single factory in Portugal with short distances to the European consumers, and all shoes boxes are made of responsible FSC MIX certified cardboard.

In short, we love our Angulus for their quality, design and care!

Angulus is our story of baby love!!!

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